ACRA API Test Automation

Execute API tests with automated precision, ensuring the reliability, functionality, and security of your programming interfaces.

Aside from reducing the risk of human error, API test automation is the smartest way to standardize test execution and save time and resources. ACRA is an invaluable asset to your team, empowering your people to validate their work continuously and pinpoint potential problems before they become bigger problems. While the traditional API testing process is incredible time-consuming, ACRA is not. Now, developers can execute API tests within CI/CD pipelines automatically, so you can release features with speed and confidence.
Better Test Coverage
Test automation will not compromise API quality or test coverage. In fact, you can expect quite the opposite. Automated API tests encourage team agility and can be integrated into your existing workflow without disrupting your team’s way of doing things. API test automation helps teams shift left in the development process, loosening the bottleneck so they can run tests earlier, faster, and more often. With ACRA, you can harness the power of automation to create high-coverage API tests and grow your coverage over time.
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Why Choose ACRA for API Test Automation?

In fast-paced product development environments, ACRA isn’t optional. It’s essential, especially given the ever-growing complexity of test data and environments. With ACRA, you can assign API test automation duties to almost anyone on your team, tech-savvy or not.

That’s because ACRA makes test automation codeless, letting anyone create tests without the need to write a single line of code. With the right codeless API test automation tools, you can create and run API tests with more speed, ease, and efficiency than ever before

How the Tool Works

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Multi-Channel Automation

ACRA is a unified test automation platform for enterprise stacks spanning:


From desktop to packages apps, mainframes, and beyond, ACRA is the powerful test automation tool that does it all.


Automate API, SSH, MQ, Backend, ESB, Microservices, and more.

Performance Testing

Automate performance testing at every level of the tech stack to improve visibility and collaboration, while sending long-term ROI soaring.