Codeless Test Automation Like Never Before

Execute test scripts without writing a single line of code, with ACRA – your no-code test automation companion that’s easy to use whether you’re tech-savvy or not.

25+ enterprises trust ACRA to connect all their testing needs seamlessly Codeless Test Automation


ACRA is so much more than a test automation platform. This is the world’s most powerful codeless solution for single-app and cross-app testing, built for web, mobile, desktop, backend, and API. ACRA is your partner in achieving continuous test automation across the tech stack, in a 100% codeless environment.

ACRA is faster, it’s cheaper, and it demands less maintenance. ACRA is the textbook definition of plug and play. Once it’s integrated into your environment, it can immediately search for legacy tests, mine process logs to pinpoint coverage gaps, and, ultimately, make manual business process admin a thing of the past.

What ACRA can do

Record & Run

With ACRA on your team, you can focus on more pressing tasks. You don’t need to lift (more than) a finger to put ACRA to work, after which it will record and run new tests behind the screen. No human error. No time wasted. No code needed.

Conditional Execution

Create more flexible and robust tests capable of handling more scenarios and edge cases. Based on various external factors or previous steps, each test can follow a different path. With ACRA’s no-code test automation, you can control test step flow with specific conditions in mind.

Data Input from Excel

Gone are the days of hard-coding test data into the test script directly. With ACRA, data can be read into the script during runtime, easing the pressure on your team by making it easier to manage and modify large test data sets.

Store Variable

Test automation data is powerful, and could prove critical down the line. With ACRA, you can store test case variables for easy retrieval at a later stage.

The Proof is In the Results

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Why Teams Love ACRA

No-Code Test Automation

ACRA is ushering in a new era of truly codeless test automation to make the process faster and more efficient than ever before. Using ACRA’S intuitive drag-and-drop interface, anyone on your team can build intricate test without a single line of code needed.

Shorter Testing Cycles

Writing and maintaining code for tests is a thing of the past with ACRA on your team. Our pre-built components mean you can quickly, easily, and automatically create tests anytime, with zero coding skills required. Save time while increasing consistency and accuracy across the board.

Lower Testing Costs

Even your most non-tech-savvy team members can get onboard and start using ACRA immediately. Anyone can create and run automated tests, reducing your reliance on costly developers while helping you complete more tests in less time.

More Productivity

Our integrated codeless test automation solution is the smartest way to save significant time and resources, while ensuring a more efficient and effective testing process. With less time spent on manual testing, your team can put their hours to better use.

How Much Can You Save With ACRA?

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Multi-Channel Automation

ACRA is a unified test automation platform for enterprise stacks spanning:


From desktop to packages apps, mainframes, and beyond, ACRA is the powerful test automation tool that does it all.


Automate API, SSH, MQ, Backend, ESB, Microservices, and more.

Performance Testing

Automate performance testing at every level of the tech stack to improve visibility and collaboration, while sending long-term ROI soaring.

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