• ACRA is a cloud based next generation test automation tool built to address key challenges in automation testing within any Web Applications, Enterprise Applications, Oracle ERPs or any custom application development.
  • Fully automated with no coding needed, ACRA blends test case management, execution and reporting capabilities, all built into one seamless cloud based solution.
  • Machine learning algorithms which has the capability to learn and understand most of the tasks such as parsing log files and taking appropriate actions.


Reduce Time:

  • On Time Delivery of Upgrades / Implementation of Projects
  • Reduce Time on Testing Cycles
  • Save Time on User Acceptance Testing

Improve Quality:

  • Reduction in Human Errors
  • Reduce Downtime of Mission Critical Systems
  • Automate UAT, Smoke Testing

Reduce Cost:

  • Reduce cost on Testing Cycles
  • Increase Profitability
  • Minimize the effort of Business users

Increase Productivity:

  • Improved Productivity of People Resources
  • Increase Resource Capacity* (JDE Implementation Partners)
  • Less Repeatable Work
  • Automated Reporting for Documentation

Improve Goodwill:

  • Reduced customer complaints
  • Zero repetition of queries
  • Added loyalty
  • Positive appraisal every time.

To know more about ACRA or schedule a demo with our team please Contact Us or write to us info@acrasuite.com